Frequently Asked Questions


The best way to contact us for questions regarding future projects. current projects, or additional information is through our office phone number: (719) -550 -1521 or through our email. Please leave a detailed description and the best way to contact you back. For our clients, our design team will provide you with the necessary contact information to reach the representative attached to your project.

For our residential clients, depending on the location of your residence maintenance services are handled through your community’s HOA. If not, we perform the following for residential and commercial clients lawn maintenance, weed control, fall cleanups, snow removal, and landscape upgrades. Please contact us for more information.

Not a problem at all! We understand with the beauty of Colorado that everyone would like to call it home. We have worked with future homeowners residing outside of Colorado to get their projects started before their move-in date. Additionally, we have worked with general contractors based outside of Colorado for commercial projects.

Yes! We install all of the above and more. Please give us a call to discuss your project and check out our services page for even more installation services. As well as taking a look at our portfolio for some projects we have completed.

We believe every project is unique and strive to provide the best quality of work for each project we accept. Therefore, each project’s timeline varies depending on certain factors including but not limited to location and size. Our design representative for your project will assist you in additional information once the project has been accepted and work with you to establish a schedule that works for both parties.

Our landscape designer assigned to your project upon acceptance will provide you with an overview of our process. You can expect our crews to work in a diligent and professional manner while working on your project. Our field leadership is compromised of experienced members holding landscape industry certifications from the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

As a premier landscape company we focus on providing quality work at the best value for each project. We work exclusively with vendors that share the same ideals as us to obtain our materials.

General Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or inquiries, would like to receive a project bid, or check in on our open positions at (719)-550-1521. Thank you.

Typically plants become dormant in the winter, which means the plant is protecting itself from the extreme temperatures by changing color to conserve water. Our design team will help provide you with steps to conduct during the winter to increase the likelihood of the plant’s regrowth.

A sprinkler itself is a device that sprays water. There are variances depending on the manufacturer and purpose but reflect the same definition. Irrigation is the artificial application of water to land to assist the production of vegetation.  

This usually depends on the plant’s family, species, and surrounding environmental factors. Our landscape designer will help choose the ideal plants for your project based on site conditions and weather. 

Company Analysis

Team Members Attending Trainings for Irrigation, Landscape Design, Best Practices, and More.
Entire Team 94%
Percent of Our Managers certified as Landscape Industry Certified Technicians by the National Association of Landscape Professionals
% of Managers Certified 98%

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